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Building Trust: Declare your Intentions

As a leader you will have to make big decisions that affect many of the people you need. Oftentimes you are not able to talk about all the details surrounding decisions you have to make. This could be because of a directive given to you by those higher up in the organization, or you may not be able to reveal everything to your employees until after you’ve gathered the information, had time to process and pray about a decision or direction you want to take your team. Employees are smart (or at least they should be if you hired them) so they will know when something is up or if the winds of change are blowing and in the vacuum of good communication they will begin to develop their own scenarios to explain what is happening and why.

So how can you mitigate these sidebar conversations without revealing too much information up front?

Declare your intentions.

I’ve come to understand that this can be incredibly beneficial both for you as a leader and for the peace of mind of those you lead. Your employees understand that sometimes you can’t give them all the information, here are 3 things to consider when declaring your intentions.

  1. Why does a decision or change needs to be made.
  2. How will this change be good for your team/the organization
  3. Reassure them that they will have an opportunity to give input before a final decision is made

What other helpful things could you communicate to your team about your intentions?