Design Memory Lane – Hello Kelly CD Artwork

A long time client of mine just got back in touch with me to help him design his new CD. The band’s name is Hello Kelly and I’ve been privledged to work with the lead singer Francois Goudreault on every cover since the band got started in 2004. What I’ve liked about each one is that Francois always wanted to tell a story on the front, to create an experience or feeling with each design.

So here is all the covers in order, they are still some of my favorite pieces I’ve ever done.

“Modern Day Nostalgia”

The goal with this cover was to created the feeling of a late fall evening growing up as a kid in Ontario Canada

“More Modern Day Nostalgia”

This was a short EP sequel to "Modern Day Nostaliga"

 “The Modern Day Fades Away”

Francois decided he wanted a time machine on the cover, so not having a time machine I could take a picture of, I built one for him in photoshop using about 30 separate images. It was a huge challenge, but I was so pleased with the result.

 “Green Things Grow”

Another EP from Hello Kelly - The story for this one was to create the feeling that the greenry was alive, and taking over.

“Hello Kelly – Self Titled Album”

Most bands start with a self-titled album, Hello Kelly waited until their 5th release to do so. This was their first full length album and had a really happy pop kind of sound. I can't remember how we exactly decided on the theme for this cover, but I do remember that the phones are supposed to be like flowers growing up out of the bottom of the frame. Also that there is a conversation being had between Hello Kelly and their fans that is represented by the new logo treatment for the band.

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