Idolatry – How do you know if you’ve made a good thing into a God thing

Finding joy in a gift from God, rather than in God the giver.


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  1. I had to reread the heading and content over a few times to really understand what you were saying. It’s kinda crazy but it makes sense. I can relate, because I often found joy in things but didn’t necessarily attribute them to God. For instance my baby brother being born 14 years ago. There was a lot of joy in that moment. I also remember our pastor looking at us all the time in church and asking us ‘where is the joy? You all look so sullen!’. And it was true! Cause none of us were really happy at church, it was when we were outside enjoying God’s creation that we really understood joy. I know I’m rambling a bit here but I see what you’re saying. But I do admit I have a hard time connecting good things with God things. A cool summer breeze as I relax in the evening. Simple things like this. I dunno. I may give this God thing another chance.

  2. I’m glad you took the time to re-read that statement over and over again until you got it. It is such an important truth, and something so many of us, Christians especially, miss.

    For instance; when we eat a delicious meal and are able to look past the meal itself to God who created everything on that plate that you just ate, not just because it keeps us alive and fuels biological functions, but brings us pleasure to consume it. Not only that, but that when we share a meal with people we love, who are also a gift to us from God, and you share great conversation, which God gave you a mind and a voice box to create you begin to see the goodness of God. Thats where our joy comes from, in seeing who God is clearly, but it is a struggle to do that.

    Stay tuned, I will be posting more on this subject and hopefully posting more often. Keep reading, keep giving me your feedback.

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