Taking a Break

Some may have noticed that i haven’t updated my blog in quite some time. This is due to a number of reasons: travel (personal and professional), hectic work schedule, but mostly it is because I needed to take a break – not so much from the blogging, but a break from things that were becoming too important, too distracting, and may not have been the most helpful for me.

So I’ve taken the last month to shut down alot of the noise in my life, things that although good, are not the best things to spend my time on. I was challenged by my wife to put down all my books, commentaries, shut off my podcasts and simply read my bible and pray; and that is what I’ve been doing.

What has been the benefit? I’ve gotten back some of the simple joys of being a Christian, hearing God through devotions, praying more for others and meeting with friends and family with greater frequency.

Its been good, God is working on my character and my heart through this process and at the end of everything God is not going to evaluate me on how much I know about him, but on how much I love him and did my actions and character reflect that love.

A simple faith can be a beautiful thing.

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