Sharing Compassion

Compassion is the world’s leading Christian child development ministry, Compassion is committed to eliminating the root causes of poverty for children around the globe. Our passion and purpose reside in our unwavering commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ and the ability of His Church to execute his command to serve the poor.

I had the incredible opportunity last summer to travel to Ethiopia with Compassion ( on a filming trip for our upcoming Sharing Compassion campaign. Sharing Compassion is an opportunity for Compassion sponsors to advocate on behalf of children in need from 25 countries around the world.

In the six years since I have become a Christian I have travelled to Kyrgyzstan and Trinidad on missions and Honduras and Nicaragua with Compassion, but the prospect of travelling to Africa was perhaps the most exciting opportunity to date.

Before leaving I had begun work on an ad for the upcoming issue of Compassion Today where we would be promoting Sharing Compassion. Here is the ad:

This ad was created before leaving for Ethiopia

This ad was created before leaving for Ethiopia

We didn’t know which child story we were going to film when we arrived, so I chose child photo from our archive of Ethiopian images with the intention of replacing them with the children from the film later on. Our videographer and director Tim Neeves had identified two possible candidates for filming and we would make our decision once we arrived at our destination.

Once we arrived we agreed that the story of Selamawit and Nahu’s, a brother and sister orphaned by AIDS, would be the most compelling story to share. So we set out in a van to meet them at their home in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.

When we entered their residence I was awestruck. On the wall of their home was the exact same picture I had chosen for the Sharing Compassion ad, Selamawit and Nahu were those same children! It is impossible me to see this as coincidence; Compassion assists tens of thousands of children in Ethiopia, and the odds of choosing to film Selamawit and Nahu and separately choosing their picture from our photo archive are infinitely small. At that moment we knew that we were filming the exact story that God wanted to share through Sharing Compassion this year. Here is the result:

If you this film has moved you, and you would like to do something to help children like Selamawit and Nahu, please join us in Sharing Compassion at

Or sponsor a child like Selamawit and Nahu at

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  1. Really moving piece! Thank you for bringing this story to us. –Sherry Walker

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